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Vitaminology Inc,  found out that everyone is having trouble finding tasty, clean and effective vegan omega 3. We found delicious FitLine Vegan Omega 3 and we are so excited to share it with you. Basically, FitlLine Vegan Omega 3 dissolves in water. Yes. You are reading this correctly!!!.  FitLine Vegan Omega 3 is fatty acid dissolves in water briskly.  Fitline Vegan Omega 3 is a clear liquid fatty acid which instantly dissolves on caontact with water. Incredible every single time  .We decided to investigate further. We found out that Fitline has pattented unique microSolve  and Nutrition Transport Concept (NTC) technology. Product is made in Germany by PM-International AG following strictest Good Manufucturing  Practice (GMP) standards verified by prestigious independent European Union laboratory TUV. FitLine Vegan Omega 3 is pure, safe and free of any crosscontamination.


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